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Genedata AG from Basel is the leading provider of analysis software in the field of biopharmaceutical research. Numerous editorial formats, managed in a feature-rich custom TYPO3 module, create reach and generate leads.

About this Customer

Genedata verwandelt mit innovativen Softwarelösungen, die groß angelegte, experimentelle Prozesse in der biowissenschaftlichen Forschung & Entwicklung unterstützen, Daten in Intelligenz. Das Unternehmen wurde 1997 gegründet und liefert Ansätze für die Datenanalyse, die F&E-Workflows rationalisieren und die Produktivität verbessern. Für die Genedata entwickelten wir die Corporate Website und optimieren den Auftritt in einem kontinuierlichen Prozess.

Key Facts

  • Launch, monitoring and ongoing optimisation of the corporate website
  • Implementation of digital inbound marketing
  • Flexible use of lead barriers
  • Optimisation of the frontend for Japanese content
  • Integration of seven product teams in the development processes
  • Technical implementation based on TYPO3

Digitising Biopharma R&D - worldwide

The products and services of Genedata AG are used in the most diverse areas of the global pharmaceutical industry. Accordingly, the website addresses an extremely heterogeneous and international target group.

To the Genedata Website

The products and services of the seven profit centres are extremely complex and mostly unique. One of the key challenges was to take into account the various USPs and different editorial requirements and to translate them into a consistent, accessible website.

Seven product units - one goal

Dynamic content with TYPO3

The biopharma industry is characterised by scientific studies and constantly new research findings. Dynamic, editorial content plays a special role in lead generation.

Focus Human Resources