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As a digital agency, we develop proven as well as innovative solutions for all requirements of the online world: whether web presence, digital application, e-commerce or online marketing - with integrated concepts, we unerringly lead to success.

Goal-oriented strategy

Together we develop and refine the strategic basis of existing digital activities. In doing so, we consider the entire customer journey with a focus on all digital contact points.

We evaluate and specify target groups and develop coherent concepts for an increasingly digitalised and automated world based on the objectives and user requirements.

And we fundamentally accompany the implementation of our strategies into the ongoing operation - and check the assumptions made on the basis of individual monitoring concepts. 

Every successful project begins with efficient workshops. Here, together with our clients, we sharpen the understanding of the task and concretise the requirements for the solution to be developed. Intensive research and the analysis of the status quo from the agency's (i.e. external) perspective provide important insights - for us and the client. The same applies to the definition of personae and the investigation of the customer journey

With every digital project, the question of the ideal technology stack software arises: Which frontend and backend frameworks? Which content management system? Which e-commerce solution? A reliable answer requires that the requirements for the solution to be developed are accurately worked out. Our recommendations are always based on a catalogue of the decisive criteria: Investment security, scalability, user-friendliness and budget. In the case of unusual requirements, we involve appropriately specialised partners in the implementation. Because our standards are high: technologically, everything must be possible.

The project determines the method. With classic website relaunches, complexity and uncertainty are generally manageable. Here, in the vast majority of cases, we proceed according to the classic waterfall method: At the beginning there is a detailed analysis phase, followed by concept development, interaction and visual design - and finally the technical implementation. For more complex requirements such as the development of digital products or applications, we use agile methods.

After the project is before the project: continuous development is crucial for the success of digital products. Regular measurement, evaluation and analysis lead to an ever better understanding of the users and enable targeted optimisation measures. In monthly or quarterly meetings, analysis results are discussed together and the resulting tasks for further implementation are defined.

Strategic design

After the initial analysis and strategic setting of the course, we develop the first prototypes that visualise the structural and functional design of the solution and already serve as a basis for discussion in the first workshops.

Step by step, the prototypes are refined and, once approved, serve as a stable basis for the development of the design. Brand management and user experience are in the foreground. The design development takes place in several iterative steps and is accompanied by active user testing, depending on the project.

Pixel perfect conversion

We also implement technically demanding designs with pixel precision. We place particular emphasis on performance and accessibility in the frontend. Our self-developed and continuously optimised web frontend is the basis for this. Our content management systems - mainly TYPO3, Drupal and WordPress - and backend frameworks are based on PHP and the LAMP world. All steps in the development are subject to strict quality standards with a focus on security and sustainability.