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Sportsmanship is our passion. We share with NADA the conviction that doping has no place in sport. That's why we develop user-friendly digital applications for NADA. Accessible, certified and secure. Together since 2003.

About this Customer

The National Anti Doping Agency, NADA for short, is the authoritative body for the fight against doping in Germany. Numerous digital services play an essential role in the prevention of doping. For more than fifteen years, we have been continuously developing these certified barrier-free services for NADA.

Key Facts

  • Supervision of the entire digital offering
  • Continuous monitoring and optimisation
  • Accessible pages (certified)
  • Community platform "Network against Doping
  • Applications for process optimisation
  • Multi-domain installation based on TYPO3
  • Apps for iOS and Android


Prevention is an elementary component of effective anti-doping work. With GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING, prevention work was bundled in a national programme. The central component of the programme is the website www.gemeinsam-gegen-doping.de and the associated target group pages.

Target group pages

Comprehensive, elaborately prepared information for athletes, parents, trainers, anti-doping officers, coaches and teachers is available on target group-specific pages.

The body map is an example of this. It visualises the health consequences of the intake of different doping substances. Targeted animations make it easier to understand the complex interrelationships. 

Link to the Bodymap





Knowledge Center

Screenshot Wissenscenter

In the context of doping prevention, medical terms are unavoidable. NADA's Knowledge Centre is the central point of contact for this: the interactive glossary offers explanations of all relevant keywords - from A for adrenals to Z for intermediate sealing.

Link to the Knowledge Center

Network for Clean Sport

The digital community "Network against Doping" supports NADA's classic network work. The aim is to anchor anti-doping work in all relevant institutions of sport in Germany.

The NADA Website

The www.nada.de is the primary communication channel of the National Anti Doping Agency. The focus here is on general information, e.g. on the doping control system and the legal framework, as well as press releases on ongoing proceedings.

The visual design of NADA is deliberately different from the appearance of the initiative GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING. However, both instances are based on the same technical foundation, which simplifies both editorial work and technical support.

NADA2go: the NADA App

Doping prevention in your pocket: with the NADA2go app, athletes and everyone who cares about the fight against doping always have all the latest information on the topic at their fingertips.

NADAmed provides information on the doping relevance of medicines, the Cologne List is the checkpoint for food supplements, the Prohibited List and the example list of permissible medicines round off the information offered. All information is kept up to date at all times via an interface to the relevant services. 

The app offers the possibility to favour information categories and to be informed automatically in case of corresponding changes. NADA2Go is available for iOS and Android.