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As an email marketing provider, Inxmail operates in a highly dynamic environment. As a partner in all matters of digital strategy, we ensure optimum reach, leads and a top ranking.

About this Customer

Inxmail GmbH is an email marketing specialist and pioneer, known for its powerful software solutions. More than 2,000 customers worldwide rely on the Freiburg-based company. For the company's 20th anniversary, the design language needed to be refreshed and, in the course of this, the web presence needed to be further developed, which we were able to support. In addition to brand communication, the task was to create an optimal basis for online marketing, with a special focus on search engine optimisation in a highly competitive market.

Key Facts

  • Structure and page layout optimised for search engine and user
  • Conversion-optimised web design
  • Form editor for the flexible creation of forms
  • Integration of Inxmail Professional forms via Java server pages
  • Monitoring and optimisation cycle
  • Technical implementation based on TYPO3

Intuitive design - for man and machine

In accordance with the motto "Data beats Opinion", a content audit of the previous website was carried out in order to define and realign central content and thematic areas. This content basis was then enriched with the results of a competition analysis.

In combination with the developed personae and customer journeys, the aggregated content blocks form the basis for the new information architecture, which focuses on a page structure that is optimised for users and search engines alike.

The intensive preparatory work paid off: the usually unavoidable drop in visitor numbers after a relaunch did not occur. Google and Co. found their way around well, and the redesigned subject areas could be processed extremely quickly. Just one week after the relaunch, the website recorded an increase of 38% (!) in organic traffic.

To the Inxmail Website

The design with the X-factor

The new corporate design was created by GRANDECOULEUR, an agency in Bensheim that focuses on brand design. The lead design for the website relaunch was developed by kultwerk - in close coordination with the brand experts. The modern and "clean" look & feel is characterised by the new "Focus/X" element; it serves as a connecting element, shapes the entire visual appearance and makes the character of the Inxmail brand unique.

The Inxmail Blog

A TYPO3 module was developed for the extensive Inxmail blog in order to conveniently manage, categorise and link the blog posts. For the launch, a large part of the existing blog articles were exported from the original Contao instance, prepared for the module and imported into the new TYPO3 backend.

TYPO3 - the power of an Enterprise CMS

The complex form editor makes it possible to create different forms with just a few clicks. All forms created in TYPO3 are sent to the Inxmail CRM after they have been filled out by the user and can be edited directly there.

The forms for newsletter or press distribution list registration or registration for Inxmail training courses were integrated by the company directly from the Inxmail Professional software as JSP forms on the respective page in TYPO3. This creates a smooth transition and exchange between the website and the Inxmail software.